Assessing Quality - 2nd Athens International Conference on University Assessment HELLENIC AMERICAN UNIVERSITY

Conference Proceedings

Guest Speaker Materials

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Opening Session

  • Chris Spirou - Hellenic American University, President
    - Conference Opening Remarks
    - Pdf document Full Text (68Kb)
  • Marietta Giannakou
    Minister of Education and Religious Affairs of Greece
    - Pdf document Full Text (English - 203kb)
    - Pdf document Full Text (Greek - 145kb)
  • Georgios Markopouliotis
    Representation in Greece, European Commission
    - Pdf document Full Text (English - 75kb)

Keynote Session

Theme I: Policy Initiatives for Quality Assurance

Theme II: Assessment Implementation – The Universities’ perspective-

Pdf document Summary - 37Kb

Theme III: European and American Accreditation Agencies

Pdf document Summary - 43Kb

Theme IV: Rankings and the Consumer Perspective

Pdf document Summary - 90Kb


Guest Speaker: Prof. Hiroshi Hokama
Fmr Senior Managing Director - Japan University Accreditation Association
Chancellor, Professor Emeritus - Chuo University
- "Transformation of Quality Assurance System of Higher Education in Japan"
- Pdf document Full Text (68kb)
- Pdf document Handout (23Kb)

Theme V: Challenges for the Future

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