Assessing Quality - 2nd Athens International Conference on University Assessment HELLENIC AMERICAN UNIVERSITY
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Representatives from reputable Universities and Accreditation Agencies from around the world will share their experiences in the area of University Assessment and Evaluation and exchange their views. Special emphasis will be placed on the Bologna Process and Assessment practices as implemented by countries still in early development, such as in the case of Greece. The Conference aims to:

  • Review evaluation methods, philosophies and instruments.  
  • Look at a specific aspect of assessing University quality, namely, the evaluation of the evaluators.
  • Examine the challenges of University ranking. Address the difficulties Universities encounter in existing University ranking schemes.
  • Examine academic program relevance to the job market and the community as indicator of University quality.
  • Review issues pertaining to student mobility and the associated implications to overall quality of academic programs.
  • Assess evaluation practices in higher education quality assurance- National Experiences.

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